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Mature Driver Affiliate Program

Mature drivers, 55 or older, who successfully complete an approved Driver Improvement Course can qualify for reduced motor vehicle insurance premiums. California law allows insurance companies to determine the percentage of premium reduction. The insurance carrier can refuse to give a reduced rate to those who have poor driving records. You may wish to ask your insurance company about your eligibility and the amount of discount prior to taking an approved mature Driver Improvement Course.

Mandatory Insurance Discount for 3 Years per California Insurance Code (Section 11628.3)

The Mature Driver Improvement Course provides instruction on defensive driving and California motor vehicle laws. During this course, information is provided on the effects that medication, fatigue, alcohol, visual or auditory limitations have on a person's driving ability.

Our Course has relevant information for drivers 55 and over:

  • Tune up your driving skills and update your knowledge of the rules of the road.
  • Learn about normal age-related physical changes, and how to adjust your driving to allow for these changes.
  • Reduce your traffic violations, crashes, and chances for injuries.
  • With the use of video lessons, animations and easy to read short chapters, you will be able to retain the information being presented to you!

Mature Driver Course

326 pages 18 chapters, this lesson plan deals with revelent issues to seniors such as health and vision loss, hearing, rules of the road, medications lessons are played throughout course correlating to the chapter , with handouts and discussion topics to keep your class interesting. Besides the benefits of information this class provides, the participant can receive a 15% discount on their car insurance. A DMV certificate is issued after a class evaluation has been filled out.

Mandatory Insurance Discount for 3 Years per California Insurance Code (Section 11628.3)

*California Insurance Code 11628.3. states that "..every admitted insurer shall provide for an appropriate percentage of reduction in premium rates for motor vehicle liability insurance for principal operators who are 55 years of age or older and who produce proof of successful completion of the mature driver improvement course provided for and approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles pursuant to Section 1675 of the Vehicle Code." Please contact your insurer to determine the amount of your discount.

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